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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another 700 Miles and Fear Turns to Respect

So, I retired the Suzuki and finally started riding the Sportster and love it! Especially now with the new seat. Not only is it more comfortable but I also like the way I sit on the bike better with the new set up.

The verdict is in; mid pegs are out! We've ordered forward controls and a lowering kit along with new grips and pegs. I'm now learning what I want in a bike a little more each time we ride. We had planned to head down to The Keys a few weeks ago but with the freezing (literally) weather we had in Florida, we decided against it. We did get some great rides in that weekend, but not the one we were hoping for.

We went on a hunt for the Ocala Harley-Davidson dealer. On our first attempt we got within 1/4 of a mile and figured we'd gone too far, turned around and went home. The next day we called for directions. Turns out the address published in the HD road atlas was wrong. This time we tracked a route through the Ocala National Forest and it was a great ride! Great roads, beautiful scenery and very little traffic.

Today the forecast called for rain so we decided to stick close to home. I purposely wanted to get caught in the rain since we haven't had that experience yet. I wanted to do it while we were close to home, with no race against time. We did and it was AWESOME! Granted it didn't rain very hard, but the smells in the air just as the rain started was fantastic. We didn't stay out long and got home before the real rain started. But, I'm gald we had the experience. ... we really do need to get some good rain gear.

So, now with another 700 miles under my belt the fear has turned to respect. I am really enjoying the rides now and look forward to our next opportunity. Bike week is fast approaching and I think we're ready for it.
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Welcome to our Site!

From our 'own our own business' life.
In Paris
In Paris after a long flight and no hotel room for several hours.

[UPDATE] February 2010 ~ We are taking a break from work and traveling through New Zealand. We'll be here for a few months and are having a great time. Follow our blog for regular updates. 
Hey there, welcome to our website and blog. For those that know us you know that we switch out aspects of our life when things get dull; we plan to live as many different lives as we can before our time is up. For those that don't know us, check out the About page. We're still working on it, but there's a bit of a start there.

Our current life obsession is motorcycling.

A few months ago Jeff decided it was time to fulfill the long time dream to own a Harley. So, we signed up for the motorcycle safety class at the Orlando Harley Dealership. Karen wasn't sure if she was going to ride her own bike or just be a passenger; but regardless, if it was going to be in the garage she needed to know how to ride. So there we were; two graduates and no motorcycles. Flashbacks to our boat life; a boat and no tow vehicle.

Jeff purchased an '06 Road King Police bike and has been working on customizing it. Then he found a Suzuki S40 at a local motorcycle shop and voila! 2 graduates and 2 motorcycles.

Soon enough the 2 turned into 3; a second Harley. But that's another story still to be added to this page. Those who know it already, you can quit laughing now.

For those in the Central Florida area be sure to check out Lucky U Cycles. They are our local shop and the guys are great. They have a shop in Sorrento and one in Wildwood. Tell Jeremy and Ron that we sent you!

This weblog is our online journal. You'll find stories of our travels and adventures.