About Us

Kevil, Kentucky
Cabin in Kentucky
Our log cabin in Kentucky in the early years. We built this to escape the traps of yuppie life.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Suncruiser in South Dakota
Parked in our ITASCA Suncruiser 35U, double slide. We parked here to get our South Dakota residency.

Rio Grande River
Kayaking in Big Bend
We kayaked right into where they shot a Chili's commerical a few years later.

Leaving Kentucky
Max on boxes ready to move
Packed up in the cabin, moving back to Florida for sun and fun.

Lake Mary, Florida
Purple Florida sunset
From snow to this beautiful sunset in our backyard.

2006 Road King Police
Harley Road King Police
The latest obsession; motorcycles. This is Jeff's Harley just after he started customizing it.

  • Ordering a log home kit with no predetermined shipping address.
  • Locking up your home to travel the country in an RV.
  • Conducting business meetings while kayking down the Yellowstone River.
  • Going out in the middle of the night to find a For Sale by Owner sign to fire your current life and chase a new one.
  • Jumping on a plane after an ice storm to move to a year round life of sun and golf.
  • Knowing that today is the day to fulfill a long time dream of owning a Harley, or two.

That's us. When life gets dull we throw something new in the mix.

We are currently living in Mount Dora, Florida in a work and earn cycle of our life. Work and earn cycles are followed by play cycles. Rather than work through our healthy years to retire in our more fragile years, we strive for that perfect balance between healthy work and healthy play. Sometimes we don't do so well with the balance part, but ultimately that moment strikes to do something wild again! We can't plan for it, it just happens.

About this Blog

People tell us that we should write a book about our adventures. But, to us, they are just a way of life. Instead we started this blog for those who may find an interest in our stories. But selfishly we want to hear your stories. They inspire us for new adventures. So, to the flight attendant living on the beach in Panama, to our friends who wrote about their RV adventure to Alaska, and all the others who have inspired us, we thank you.

Chiso Mountains Big Bend Texas

Here we are in the Chiso Mountains in Big Bend National Park, Texas.
Put this spot on your list of places to visit!