After a year of the side and back door that lead to nowhere, we finally got around to putting on the back deck. First the beam goes in. You can see also that the cabin is starting to get mold on it. This is one of the maintenance items of owning a log cabin. Every year it needs to be cleaned and restained. We did that after we finished the deck. It wasn't as big a job as we thought it would be; we cleaned it ourselves but had a professional stain it for us. The stain is pretty toxic and without the right sprayers and lung protection it's a nasty job.


Hey, quit making fun of the labor; it was cheap. :) This was during a play part of our life; seems like work to me. Actually, we had a great time doing this and it was great when it was all done.


Making progress. This was a big part of the job, but with Jeff and Dad on the job I can assure you that deck is LEVEL!


Working on putting in the joists.


... and then the decking. This took a long time!


Sam's job duties just increased; she is so proud. Of course, there's Max ambling around looking for trouble while Sam is on full protective duty.


Jeff and Dad build the steps. Sam's ready!


The concrete gets poured; we DID NOT do that work! A few days to dry and the steps can go in.


No more muck between the cabin and the garage!


Sam liked that she could now go from the front to the back without getting her paws dirty. Our guests now liked that they could get from the driveway to the cabin without muddy shoes.