UGH!! Enough of this! Let's ditch this popsicle stand. One snowstorm too many in St. Louis and we were on our way to Florida to look for a house. On the way to our friend's birthday party we booked a flight. We left the party a little early and went to Florida and bought a house ... well empty lot.


Randy showing us lots in Magnolia Plantation. We picked this lot as a placeholder figuring we'd come back in 2 weeks and finalize everything. Good thing we picked a good one; when we returned all lots were taken. People camped out for the last few lots. Of course, that was a few years ago. :) Not quite the same market today.


Our future backyard view. Looking down the 15th fairway with lots of space between us and the flying golf balls. The pond ended up being as much entertainment as the golf course itself. There were alligators in the pond. It was humorous to watch golfers come by and spot the gators. One took off his shoe and dunked his foot in the water to hit a ball right on the edge of the water. He bought himself a new pair of shorts in the pro shop after the gator jumped into the water behind him. Another time a golf ball sat in front of a sunning gator's nose. Many golfers whose ball landed in the water claimed the ball by the gator as their own and took a free drop. ... and then there was the golfer that sshhh'd our neighbor Annemarie. ;) That didn't go over very well. And Bob will tell the story the day we both saw the bubbles from a diver in the pond hunting golf balls. But, neither of us saw him go in. We only saw the empty golf cart and the glub, glub in the pond. Before we could call 911, the diver popped up with snorkel, mask, fins and a sac full of golf balls. I'm not sure why he had a mask because I'm certain he couldn't see anything in there.


Our future view from our kitchen table; the 15th green.


Several months later, the walls start going up. We were somewhat patient (HA!) at this point because it was nice up north. This was summertime. Jeff had taken a new job that would allow him to live in Florida and I was able to confirm taking my job with me and working from home. Now we just had to sell our house in St. Loius and we were all set.


So, the house in St. Louis ...


... goes up for sale, and before long ...


... we're all packed up and moving out. Max waits patiently until it is time to go; his favorite thing! Max is always ready for a new adventure. The house in Florida isn't ready yet so we're going to cram all this into the little cabin in Kentucky.


Bambi on the other hand is hanging on to what little is left in the house.


And so we sat in the cabin with two houses of furniture for four months while we waited. We had friends in Florida taking pictures of the progress and each day we checked our email anxioulsy for more photos and signs of good progress. It was getting cold and we were getting antsy!


Finally, the house is ready and it is time to move in!!


Max and Bambi find their chair and settle in.


Ah! It was worth the wait. A beautiful sunset from our back patio.

Yellow Growing Check Mark