Unfortunately while we were building our house in Lake Mary the golf course went bankrupt. We decided to continue with the house with confidence that it would eventually come back. And it did. But, in the meantime it was more of a grazing spot for the local wildlife. I must admit while it was a bummer that the golf course wasn't open, we did enjoy the wildlife.


Wildlife of all sorts! A group of kids camped out and had a drinking party on the golf course. This is the police trying to wake the passed out crew and let them know they need to move on. LOL! Good clean fun that was fun to watch. Unfortunately I don't think the kids realized that the ground was covered with fire ants. I'm sure the morning was painful in more ways than one for this crew.


A few months later and the sprinklers were back on, construction was underway and the golf course was preparing to open again. Once it did we became obsessed with golf and spent every weekend on the course.


Belly flop contest! Aimee is a strong competitor!


Kathleen & Gary come to visit. Hanging out at Universal Studios after a day of golf.  


A day at Blue Springs to see the Manatee. They come here every year as the water cools; can't you tell it is winter?


Enjoying the morning with the dogs. They are very clear about which furniture belongs to them.


A 'little' landscaping project to beef things up a bit.


The big 'pineapple' tree gets set. It's not really a pineapple tree but that's what people called it due to the shape. It is a canary island date palm and was awesome once we were able to drop the fronds.


Our friendly neighborhood alligator.


Dew Extreme Sports comes to Orlando; we borrow the kids to go. :)


Enjoying family!


Christmas caroling Florida style.


T'was the night before Christmas and ... Santa had a few too many holiday spirits.

Yellow Growing Check Mark