It is so hard to pick and choose the photos to represent this time in our lives. There are so many more adventures not shown here.


Buffalo somewhere in Montana. On our way back from the Life on Wheels conference in Moscow, Idaho.


And they say the cows are big in Texas. This was in Montana.


Yikes! Headed into a nasty storm!


Snapping some pictures of the beautiful sunset on the other side of the storm.


Badlands in North Dakota ... on a VERY HOT day. Most pictures were taken through the window. On the other hand, when we were in the Badlands of South Dakota it was freezing!


Max taking on a big, scary tiger in Lake Charles, Louisianna.


A factory tour in Alabama.


Hodges, Alabama.


Big Bend National Park, Texas.


A day of fishing in Sardis, Mississippi. Calling these crappie (pr. croppie) always starts a good debate among fisherman.


Parked in Gulf Shores, Alabama for a visit to my namesake restaurant 'Lamberts', home of the throwed roll. The original one is in Sikeston, MO and Jeff's dad knew the Lambert boys. Max found himself a shady spot.


Parked in Badlands, South Dakota on a very cold day! Quite a site to see.


A look out over the South Dakota, Badlands. It was as ominous as this picture shows.


Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming. A side trip on our way to Idaho, this was in our Most Scenic Drives in America book so we decided to check it out. It was a great drive; lots of prairie dogs! They're fun to watch, especially for Max. There's an interesting Arapaho Legend about how this was formed.


Hey, when we're done looking at this big rock can we go chase more prairie dogs?


A quick stop for a kayak trip in the Yellowstone River. This was GREAT!


We pulled into Mount Rushmore, snapped this photo and went inside to grab our things. When we came back out the fog had rolled in and Mount Rushmore was no longer visible. In lieu of seeing Mount Rushmore we walked some of the trails at the base and then felt fortunate that it had been fogged over. We likely would not have taken advantage of the trails had it been visible. The walks along the trails were beautiful; so if you go to Mount Rushmore, enjoy the rock, but don't miss out on the trails.

Later that day we pulled into our campground and it looked like a war zone! The night before a terrible storm had come through. The next time you see an RV on the road notice how brittle the A/C units on top look; they take such a beating from the sun. Well, they were no match for the storm that came through; most were damaged. A young girl pulled a hail stone out of the freezer to show us. It was the size of a grapefruit. We were so lucky that we decided the night before not to drive all the way in. The great thing is that nobody was complaining, people were sitting out by their campfires, riding their bikes and enjoying the beautiful day that followed the storm.


After thousands of miles, a cross country trip and a few 'incidents' we decided to trade in our '92 Chieftan for a new Suncruiser. It turns out the incidents we had; driving down the road with the speedometer suddenly rising and falling for no apparent reason, the transmission slipping and feeling like it had somehow become obsessed, were the result of a faulty wiring job on a repair we had done. But, even after learning this, the experiences were still too fresh to warrant keeping the old rig. It gave us just enough reasons to buy a new one. Our advice to those looking to buy an RV; never buy new. We all know it. The depreciation is atrocious, but we did it, and we paid the price when we sold it. Look for a barely used one in good shape; there are many out there.

Despite all that we still say that the loss was worth the adventures! There is no price we could put on the fun we had in the RV.


A stop at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. This was one of our favorite cities. The riverwalk is awesome. We happened to be here at Christmas time so were able to enjoy the lights on the riverwalk. It was here that our RV neighbors told us about Big Bend National Park and we decided that would be our next stop. We spent Christmas in San Antonio and New Years in Big Bend.


Christmas in San Antonia. This was a great RV park. It was a 'luxury' RV park with great facilities. We spent Christmas Eve in a wonderful hot tub under a clear sky full of stars.


Sparta, Wisconsin. Cranberry country and home of the graveyard for fiberglass statues. Max had a fit here. He barked at them all.

I think of this place every time I see the cranberry commercials on TV of the guys standing in the cranberry fields.


Big Spring, MO. A local trip from our home in Paducah, KY over Labor Day weekend.


Kayaking in the Current River in Missouri. This was such a beautiful, relaxing day.


A trip to Country Fest in Eau Claire, WI with friends. Something we'd never heard of, but had a great time. It included Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, She-Daisy (yes, Gary we know you went jogging with them) and so many more. We also had an 'incident' here which is worthy of it's own picture page. We hear Rock Fest is better for the #!#%#$s.


After many years George finally convinced us to camp on the infield at a NASCAR race; Talladega, AL. We don't generally follow NASCAR but being at the race was an awesome experience. Hearing those engines fire up and the cars going around the track was exhilarating. The evening parties on the infield were a cultural experience for which there are no photos here. :)


Watching the race from the top of the RV. See the smoke in the distance? That's the cars making the turn. The smoke is much higher and more dense when there is a crash ... Ashley has those pictures.


Time to wrap up this chapter of our lives. We traded in the RV for a golf cart and home on a golf course in Lake Mary, FL. We had many great golfing adventures and Max got to meet his buddies Bently and Bogie; the labradoodles.

Yellow Growing Check Mark