Quartzsite, Arizona
Where you can find oofda tacos and the bookstore owner that doesn't wear pants

"You're from Canada? Do you know Bob Brown?
I met him one time at Disney World."

It's a funny story how we got the snake t-shirt done.

We were dry-camping in Quartzsite, Arizona and realized we were running low on Anything Wild t-shirts. The RV show was in town and we had noticed there was a t-shirt guy there. We stopped by to talk with him; he had great quality shirts and good prices. Jeff picked up right away that he had on a Canadian ball cap. He couldn't avoid the wise-crack; something about the Maple Leafs or Blue Jays, I'm sure. The guy was caught a little off guard because not only was he from Canada, but from the Toronto area. As I looked at his name tag, it dawned on me that I knew him. He was my brother's hockey coach from back in the 70's. What are the chances of that happening!? This was like, 'hey, you're from Canada? Do you know Bob Brown?' coming to life.

It was great to see him again.

And of course he did a great job on the shirts. Good stuff comes from Canada, eh.

Jeff was born and raised in California and Karen in Canada.

We wonder regularly why we gave up this life. It was awesome!!